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What is the secret to an effective cleaning team?

With over 30+ years as a BSC (Building Service Contractor) we always get asked ” What is the secret to an effective cleaning team?”.  And today I will take this opportunity to release all these secrets of having an effective … Continue reading

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How clean is your office building?

How does your professional space scrub up? Does your office create a shining first impression which conveys your professionalism and company pride? Or can your clients, contacts and colleagues see overlooked dirt, dust, mess and clutter which reflect badly on … Continue reading

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Dangers of Letting Smoke Go Untreated in Sonoma County

With the wild fires in Sonoma County which has created a major catastrophe in this region I am writing this blog for all my friends, clients, and anyone who has been effected by this fire. While we recover through this … Continue reading

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Is Your Office or Building Making Your Employees Sick?

Office Cleaning You may have heard of situations where an office building is making its employees sick due to various reasons, such as mold, mildew, or dust mites. Some employers might think the reason their employees are exhibiting symptoms of … Continue reading

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The Benefits of Regular Commercial Landscape Maintenance

Your commercial property is a physical representation of your facility and business. It will have an impact on your customer’s buying decision and your reputation in the industry. That is why regular Commercial Landscape Maintenance is a good investment. Here … Continue reading

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What to do if your toilet causes Water Damage

In a perfect world, your toilet would never leak or overflow. Sadly, the world is not perfect, and toilets do leak, plus they overflow due to clog. And when they do, it ain’t pretty. Toilet water damage can cost $7,000 … Continue reading

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Cleaning the office Microwave

The microwave can take a lot of flak in hungry and busy workplaces especially in the growing industry in the San Francisco Bay Area. From colleagues who cause splashes but don’t wipe up, to crumbs, greasy handles and office-permeating aromas, … Continue reading

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Preparing your gutters for winter – gutter cleaning tips

Winter is around the corner and it is time to clean the gutters. First…..Get the Proper Tools Gather your tools before you start. You should have the following: • Gloves: these help because not only do they keep your hands … Continue reading

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How to clean an office the correct way – Commercial cleaning tips

There are many reasons for why you may require to keep a sanitary company office. Not only is a neat and tidy space more visually appealing than a disorderly disaster, but it also makes a good impression on customers and … Continue reading

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MCC introduces complete landscaping services.

MCC Building Maintenance, LLC a full-service commercial building service provider that has been in business for over 27 years is proud to announce and introduce “MCC Landscaping Service”. We are now the only janitorial and building maintenance company in the … Continue reading

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