Cleaning of Operating Rooms (Terminal Cleaning)

A terminal or a thorough, cleaning routine is usually performed in addition to the end of the day staff cleaning. End of the day cleaning, is just a basic cleaning that is performed by staff of the facility (RN’s, CNA’s, medical techs etc). Terminal cleaning is sometimes referred to as nightly deep cleaning and is usually performed by a cleaning contractor or by an in-house janitorial crew employed by the medical facility.

Generally, a typical terminal cleaning involves the following:
1.   Move all removal equipments, beds, and furnishings to the hallway or opposite side of the surgery or operating room.
2.   Scrub and clean all kick buckets and racks.
3.   Vacuum all air conditioner grills.
4.   Clean and sanitize all shelves, cabinets, sinks and tops.
5.   Using disinfectant solution such as Virex II 256, damp wipe all overhead lights and equipments.
6.   Wash wall surfaces with disinfectant solution.
7.   Damp wipe all furnishings and other equipments including all wheels and casters.
8.   Remove all cushions and pads from the operating tables. Scrub cushions and pads in sink. Thoroughly clean the entire operating table with disinfectant solution. Remake the operating table and move it back under the overhead lights.
9.   Empty all soap dispensers, change tubing, and disassemble foot pedals. Clean everything up and refill dispensers and reassemble foot pedal.
10. Wipe and scrub down all sinks with disinfectant solution.
11. Using Fade-A-Dyne II aqueous solution, remove any Povidone Iodine stains on floors.
12. Machine scrub all floors with disinfectant solution or appropriate cleaner as recommended for the subject floors. Pick up all solution after cleaning.
13. Return all furniture and equipments back to the room when floor is completely dried.

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