What is the secret to an effective cleaning team?

With over 30+ years as a BSC (Building Service Contractor) we always get asked ” What is the secret to an effective cleaning team?”.  And today I will take this opportunity to release all these secrets of having an effective commercial cleaning team.

The secret is: “there is no secret at all”. In fact, the answer is perfectly obvious: effective communication. But whilst the answer might be a given to many, it’s actually surprisingly common that communication isn’t, well, all that effective at all.

This communication extends far beyond simply site cleaners, supervisors, and property managers. Naturally, effective communication internally, is paramount to running a successful company, but in the contract cleaning game, it encompasses much more than that.

Firstly, and most importantly, there needs to be ongoing communication among all parties. By establishing open channels of communications from the very beginning, the waters of the river of partnership run smoothly. Problems are overcome with a minimal of fuss, potential dangers are avoided before their realisation and “working partnership” comes with consummate ease.

It’s a very easy thing to say that site supervisors are the brains, and the site cleaners are their ears and eyes; we feel this might be simplifying things a little too much. All of the cleaners at reputable commercial companies including MCC Building Maintenance are trained to the highest national standards – they’re trained to see things that others may miss completely.

Because over and above what we call fields of expertise (i.e. a given employee specialising in one area of cleaning and maintenance), commercial cleaning companies should ensure that each and every employee is first and foremost a great communicator. This is one major aspect of professionalism.

In actual fact, the only real difference between site supervisor and site cleaners is the level of legal responsibility, the site manager being the designated “buck-stops-here” employee for a particular site, and the one to whom site cleaners report. But in terms of capabilities, there’s not a lot in it, to be truthful.

The aim of industry leading commercial cleaners (apart from providing peerless services and exceeding clients’ expectations), is giving clients’ peace of mind. When a client no longer has to think about their cleaning services; their contractor is doing an excellent job.

For all your effective cleaning needs, please give MCC Building Maintenance a call at (415) 883-1616 or visit us at www.mccbm.com

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