Four types of Janitorial Service Provider

Sometime back I talked about things to look for when hiring a building service provider for proper care and maintenance of your facility, and I briefly touched the topic of “types of commercial janitorial service provider”.

There are four types of companies offering janitorial and building maintenance services, and they are as follows:

  • large nationwide or statewide franchises
  • large areawide privately held companies
  • small, medium or large sized privately held companies
  • micro individually owner owned & operated companies

WARNING! what you need to know about the 4 different types of commercial cleaning and maintenance companies, before you choose one! Please do not be surprised of what you will read or learn from this blog.

It’s important to feel good about choosing the right building service provider, and to help you make this decision, you need to know about the different types of commercial cleaning services available.

Compare the 4 different types of janitorial service provider below, and you’ll see why MCC Building Maintenance, a Type 3 full service one-stop janitorial and building maintenance company, is your best choice.

This type of operation usually has plenty of man-power to staff accounts (usually selling accounts), but only a one-style-fits all cookie cutter “franchise” formula. This may or may not be the best thing for your particular needs. In addition, this large, nationally spread out type operation could diminish the personalized “local” attention, flexibility, and customized cleaning your facility may need. Some franchisors may have full service janitorial capabilities, but service levels may be inconsistent from city to city. Periodically, there is franchisee turnover on accounts after their failure to meet the scope of work and lapse of good service, and the “re-selling” of your cleaning contract to 3rd party franchisees is a standard and common practice that many people aren’t aware of.

I will be writing another blog as to “what practice the large cleaning franchises use to earn their clients”, and provide the readers with many reasons not to hire a nationwide or statewide commercial cleaning franchises. Please stay tuned.

This type of operation are usually companies that are covering large territories or one to few States in the region. Depending on who you hire as your building service provider, most of the time they sub-out all their clients to Type 4 service providers. Once again, majority of the companies falling in this category also have spread out operation thus diminishing the quality of work. Such companies have a good ‘sales force’ out there who pulls clients only to realize they would not be able to service the client’s best interest. Having said that, I would say that there are some providers in this group that have developed area managers and employees to service the large territories that they cover. Howerver, 9 out of 1o times, this may or may not be the best thing for your particular needs.

MCC Building Maintenance falls into this category, and we feel it offers the best of what you’re looking for in a professional cleaning and maintenace service. MCC Building Maintenance is a locally based company that’s been serving San Francisco and surrounding cities since 1984, and you get the stability of a larger, established cleaning company with plenty of man-power that can provide experienced fill in help at any time, along with the flexibility to expand as your business needs expand. Plus, you get local responsive ownership and that extra personal attention. Full service janitorial capabilities are always available with MCC, as well as top notch quality control measures. Any building service provider that falls under this category, chances are that you will be in good hands at all times. Although, do make sure to check out their experience in this industry, references, insurance/workers comp documents and if possible check to see if they can provide a “waiver of subrogation” for you to protect your building and its’ tenants.

This type service can give you good personalized attention, but often has little back-up if someone is sick or no-shows, so you might have more missed cleaning days. Small mom & pop’s may be unable to expand and keep up with your expanding business needs, and oftentimes don’t have adequate insurance coverage. Many small mom & pops and husband & wife cleaning teams lack full service janitorial capabilities, and advanced quality control measures are frequently absent. Additionally, some mom & pop’s are splinter companies of a large company meaning they went around the company for which they were working and decided to take over some of their clients. It is alway wise to stay away from this group of companies due to the reasons indicated above.

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