Upcoming cold and flu season

Cold and flu season is headed in our direction again which brings us back to the annual subject of how to prevent the spread of illnesses to ourselves, our family and our co-workers. Last year we had the swin flu (H1N1 virus) scare. What will it be like this year? In response to last big scare, MCC Building Maintenance went one step ahead in our nightly disinfecting procedures for all our commercial buildings. Although our night time janitorial staff frequently disinfected touched areas like door knobs, water faucets, telephones, etc…..one touch by someone carrying germs on their hand or coughing or sneezing while entering the building will simply create the airborne virus that could simply reinfect the area with new germs the same or next day.

To provide a clean approach to majority of our facilities, MCC installed touchless hand sanitizing dispensing units on all entrancess and/or levels of the buildings (fronting the elevators) so every visitor, employee, and staff can use the alcohol based hand sanitizers when entering the facility.

This year we will continue the same same good cleaning techniques for all our facilities which includes sanitizing and measures to help prevent the spread of the flue and keep your employees healthy. For additional information on the sanitizing techniques or the installation of hand sanitizing dispensing units, please do not hesitate to contact us at (415) 493-2156.

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